You’re a Winner!

Well, today an interesting email came in announcing I’ve won the “Best Hypnotist” award for Northwest Arkansas for 2 years running…

I’m Not going to name any names but…

The email claimed that my business was top in its category for my area. Along with recognition of my achievement in a press release, they wanted to send me a crystal award with the name of Northwest Arkansas Hypnosis etched into it. To be honest, I was extremely excited while reading the email. The award looks really nice and I could include it on my website to attract more business! The email was very flattering. The more I thought about it, the more my ego grew! By golly, I could charge more!

That excitement quickly washed away when I actually took the time to carefully reread the email:

You’re in shock, I know, but it’s true! In recognition of your achievement, I’ve created this lovely plaque with certificate for you to put on display.

This is a very prestigious award that not just anyone can receive. In fact, We rarely give these away. However, one look at you and we knew in our heart that you were a winner and now you can prove it to all of your friends with this lovely plaque!

I clicked through to their website, where they wanted me to pay $179.99 plus an additional $20 in handling costs. It became pretty clear that this whole gimmick was just to get me to buy a plaque.

Act now and claim your award before We select someone else!!!

I didn’t buy it because it’s really no different than some random guy on the street telling random passerbys that…

You’re a Winner!


You’ve won Bubba’s Award of Excellence!

So My Savvy Hypnotist Consumers, If when you’re shopping around the area looking for the best Hypnotist, DON’T BE FOOLED BY FLASHY AWARDS ON WEBSITES….

I think I’ve made my point….

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