Weight Loss

Develop new thoughts, feelings and behaviors naturally.

O.k., let’s be HONEST. Diets DO works. Studies show that just about any diet will work if you can just stick with it.  And the way to reduce your body weight is to expend more calories than you take in.  It’s not rocket science, and most of KNOW what we should be eating, and how we should be exercising.

But we don’t.

So why not?

Until you get your subconscious mind in alignment with your conscious desires, by changing your internal programming and eliminating mental and emotional blocks, that any conscious effort you take is almost guaranteed to fail.

I must address the latest trend that is now six or seven years old: Eating multiple meals a day.  Almost every client has bought into this and believes that it really does kick start the metabolism.

I am here to tell you that eating multiple meals a day only benefits the food industry.

Our goal is to return to the days of our childhood.  Remember when you ate just three small meals a day, and then you went out to play!  When you eat anything more than that it just turns to waste, fat, fluid and sludge!

What was true for our bodies then, is still true for our bodies now!