Personal Power & Self Confidence

A powerful session with NLP to install confidence & a sense of personal power.


confidence hypnosisPossibly the most powerful session I have created to date, Totem of Power & Confidence engages your whole mind, using NLP, hypnosis and brainwave entrainment to create an amazing whole-mind experience.


Remember or imagine the feeling of being completely and totally confident; of having an amazing sense of personal power and charisma.  Now imagine having the ability to tap into that feeling on demand, anytime you desire. In a meeting, during an interview, on a date with that special someone.  You know how others are drawn to people with personal magnetism.  Imagine being one of those people, whenever you want, through the power of NLP and your own mind.


This session will leave you feeling AMAZING! I wrote it recently and have been using it in sessions with clients, and the feedback is tremendous. Like I said, possibly the best thing I’ve ever written and recorded. Guaranteed, of course, to give you a feeling of confidence in any and every area of your life.

This one simply must be experienced!


Just $19.97 for your quality MP3 recording.