Personal Development

Self Esteem

No matter what brings you to Northwest Arkansas Hypnosis, self-esteem is part of the answer to your questions and your success. So whether you are experiencing persistent stress, fear, sleeplessness or bad habits, building your self-esteem will be a significant part of taking back self-control and regaining a positive perspective.

So, what is self esteem?

Self-esteem or self-worth includes a person’s subjective appraisal of himself or herself as intrinsically positive or negative to some degree.

Self-esteem involves both self-relevant beliefs (e.g., “I am competent/incompetent or liked/disliked”) and associated self-relevant emotions (e.g., joy/despair, pride/shame. Self esteem also finds expression in behavior (e.g., being assertive versus withdrawing or avoiding. In addition, self-esteem is sometimes looked upon as an enduring personality characteristic or as a temporary psychological condition. Finally, self-esteem can be specific to a particular dimension or area of your life (e.g., “I believe I am a good writer, and feel proud of that in particular”) or global in extent (e.g., “I believe I am a good person, and feel proud of myself in general”).

We take self-esteem seriously because we know that it lies at the heart of most Client issues.

Compare hypnosis to the two most commonly accepted modalities of improving self-esteem:

Type of Therapy                  Recovery Rates                Number of Sessions

Hypnotherapy                               93%                                             6

Behavior therapy                          72%                                            22

Psychoanalysis                             38%                                          600

Aren’t you tired of trying just one more thing?

*It is important to remember that these are average numbers
and should not really be interpreted to suggest that any condition
can be helped in 6 hypnotherapy sessions.