No Longer Shy

 No Longer Shy

Screen-Shot-2013-11-10-at-1.24.43-PMNo Longer Shy MP3 High Quality Digital Download

Overcome shyness and be more comfortable around others, naturally.

No need to be shy! Let the real you show through!

You don’t have to be shy. Whether your shyness began in childhood, or has become progressively stronger because of a social anxiety, this hypnosis audio will help you to naturally develop the confidence and comfort to be around other people and feel like yourself.

Without asking you to “pretend” to be confident, this audio will naturally “install,” through hypnosis and NLP, subconscious programming to fee comfortable around others, and gracefully ease out and erase your old programming that made you feel shy, self conscious and uncomfortable.

Using this recording creates:

•  A sense of comfort to be yourself, naturally, in any circumstance

•  A sense of social spontaneity, so you can follow that first impulse to connect with others

•  Effective elimination of the old shyness and social anxiety feelings

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Just $19.97 for your quality MP3 recording.