Nighttime Weight Release

NightTime Weight Release

NightTime Weight Release MP3 High Quality Digital Download

Re-program your mind and body while you sleep.

Put your mind to work! Reprogram while you sleep!

Your mind works hard while you sleep. It’s true. Your subconscious mind never shuts down. It is working 24 hours a day to make sense of your world, process what you’ve learned and create new neural pathways to support changes in your thoughts and behaviors.  It has long been a secret of the super-successful to journal or listen to audios just before going to sleep at night, because your subconscious mind will work on the last meaningful input at the end of the day while you sleep, changing and over-writing old thoughts, ideas, feelings and habits with new ones to support your desired change.

NOT a subliminal audio, this 37 minute long recording programs your mind and body to WANT to be thin and to shed fat and excess pounds effortlessly.  This audio is a great accompaniment to any weight reduction program. The background music includes delta brainwave patterns to help you sleep more deeply and soundly, too.

Using this recording creates:
•  The release of past programming about food and weight;

•  Elimination of the negative feelings of anxiety or guilt surrounding food;

•  A healthy desire for nutritious, natural food and exercise;

•  A powerful drive to live life to the fullest and naturally attain your ideal body.

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Just $19.97 for your quality MP3 recording.