Leadercast Sponsored By WorkMatters

2014-Banner-12-18-13_w-shadow-and-bill-mcdermott_edited-1Speakers from left to right: Andy Stanley, Laura Bush, Bill McDermott, Malcolm Gladwell, Dr. Henry Cloud, Desmond Tutu, Laura Schroff, Simon Sinek, Randall Wallace.

2014 Leadercast Friday, May 9

“Our jobs ask much of us. So do the rest of our lives. We have every reason to spend our time focused on what we need to do in order to succeed. And yet, leadership calls us to do more. Leadership is beyond the confines of our daily tasks, beyond the borders of our roles and responsibilities. Leadership asks us to look beyond the everyday and consider the larger community around us – to look outward rather than inward. Join hundreds of leaders in Northwest Arkansas on May 9, 2014 as we explore together what leadership looks like Beyond You. Hear powerful messages from world-class leaders like Andy Stanley, Laura Bush, Malcolm Gladwell, Desmond Tutu and more. You can expect to be challenged, inspired and encouraged!”

And we were!

IMG_0401Hanging out with Customer Service…

Upon moving to northwest Arkansas , I began hearing of WorkMatters.  Throughout the year, WorkMatters sponsors conferences, luncheons and speakers.  Every time I saw  WorkMatters advertized, something about the name would resonate in my soul.  Last Friday, I volunteered to help WorkMatters bring Leadercast to this area.  What a wonderful surprise!  Leadercast is a simulcast of speakers inspiring others with their perspective on leadership.  As you see from the banner above, the speakers were world class!  Approximately 1800 people attended.


WorkMatters has Seven Pillars of Faith at Work:








WorkMatters message:  “Leaders,  For over 10 years, we have had an unrelenting passion to help “Sunday Christians” integrate their faith into their work – to close the gap between faith and work.  Compartmentalizing your personal life and work life is illogical.  We have so much to learn about the true meaning and purpose of work.  It is so much more strategic than just money, or success, or accomplishment.  All of those things can be good, but don’t you want more?”    YES!!!!

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