Custom Hypnosis CD or MP3

Custom Hypnosis CDs or MP3s

Imagine a hypnosis session on CD or MP3 that’s expressly yours.

Pre-written hypnosis audios are wonderful options and have helped to make mental and emotional shifts for millions. But if you’re situation is unique, or if you find yourself not getting the amount of change and improvement that you’d hoped for with a pre-recorded hypnosis CD, then it may be time to consider a custom hypnosis recording.

Working directly with Pearl Phillips, Certified Hypnotist, you’ll be assured that the CD or MP3 you receive will contain hypnotic language and suggestions written specifically for you, with your input so you know that it speaks directly and powerfully to your subconscious mind.

This is a highly targeted approach and comes much closer to a live hypnosis session than a pre-recorded audio can.

If you choose a custom recording, you’ll complete intake paperwork just as an in-office client does, and then you’ll spend 30 to 45 minutes on phone or Skype with Pearl. She will then write a script exclusively for you, record it in studio and provide you with the CD or MP3, or both (your choice).

Custom Hypnosis Recordings provide:

  • Your choice of CD or MP3, or both;

  • Professionally studio recorded quality;

  • Customized approach expressly for you;

  • Suggestions and language that speak to your unique subconscious mind;

  • A highly targeted approach for your specific issue.



Just $225 for your custom hypnosis recording.