Banish Holiday Weight Gain

You know it’s not about a diet, right?        Screen-Shot-2013-10-30-at-9.44.28-AM-300x247

Banish Holiday Weight Gain.  What happens when you’re outside of your normal routine?  It’s the holidays, or you’re going on a cruise?  You need a little extra oomph!  So, during those times mix in this audio.

Improve your self image and change your behaviors with this hypnosis weight loss program.  This recording focuses on improving your relationship with your Self while changing your relationship with food.  Make better choices, eat more slowly, exercise more, naturally.

This audio implants positive, healthy behaviors in your food and beverage choices, and in your motivation to move your body.  These are foundational behaviors for success with any weight loss or fitness goal, and so this audio can be used in combination with any diet or exercise program to enhance results, if desired, but it was designed to stand on its own, so that you can finally LET GO of “die-ting” once and for all and start LIVING your life, the way you were meant to from the beginning–loving who you are!

Are you tired of trying to make behavioral changes using your conscious mind?  Your habits lie in your subconscious mind, so you must change your habits there, and hypnosis is the best way to make those changes.  One of the secrets of success with hypnosis is reinforcement through repetition–the way you learned your habits to begin with!  Listen to this recording every day, and in just a short time, you’ll be amazed at the changes you see.


Just $19.97 for your quality MP3 recording