Attract Abundance

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Attract Abundance MP3 High Quality Digital Download
Program your subconscious to invoke the Law of Attraction.
Powerfully invoke the Law Of Attraction by engaging your subconscious mind.  Visualization is greatly enhanced in a hypnotic state, and there is no clearer path to your subconscious mind.  Use this recording to envision the life of your dreams and watch as just the right people and opportunities fall across your path.
Take your mind on a journey designed to heighten your awareness of opportunities in alignment with your personal goals and desires. Learn to manifest abundant good in your life, of all natures.
“The Secret” isn’t something outside of yourself, to learn; it’s something inside you already, waiting to be tapped into.  Let go of your limitations and step into the life you truly desire and deserve.
Develop a clear line of communication to the Universe!
Using this recording creates:
  • An automatic, subconscious harmonization with the natural abundance of the universe;
  •   Greater awareness of opportunities in your life;
  •   A higher vibration in alignment with the abundance of creation;

  • An awareness of your self as a creator in your life and your world.

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